Suppliers We Trust

Clawsie Kitchens is proud to work in partnership with a select group of handpicked suppliers to offer you high quality custom products for your kitchen and home projects. When possible, we work with local manufacturers and distributers to help support the industry in Ontario. Read more about the suppliers that help us bring design projects to life in your home.

Frendel Kitchens

Mississauga, ON – Frendel Kitchens is a local Canadian made company we are proud to work with. They provide many different cabinet styles and finishes to meet the needs of the ever changing world of kitchen, bath and media design while staying affordable for all.

Executive Cabinetry

South Carolina, USA – Executive cabinetry provides Eco-friendly Cabinetry by using renewable solid wood materials with formaldehyde-free adhesives and waterborne finishes. Waterbourne stains, paints and coatings are used that emit 0% harmful pollutants and irritants. No solvent based stains, paints or coatings are used in the manufacturing of Executive's Cabinetry Eco-Friendly products.

KW Countertops

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON – KW Countertops is a Southern Ontario company that provides many different countertop surfaces. With their vast amount of laminate options ranging from solid colours to multi pattern designs that can look like granite without the higher price tag.

Natural Stone City

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON –  Natural Stone City provides hundreds of granite countertop options in all different price ranges to suit everyone’s budget. Located in Southern Ontario, Clawsie Kitchens is proud to work with this local company. 


Ayr, ON –  Cambria uses Natural quartz that is strong, durable and long lasting. As the only quartz surface produced in the USA, Cambria has lower transportation requirements than other quartz surfacing products. Cambria purchases their quartz primarily in North America mines. They work with their mining partners to ensure that every step is taken to fully restore the quarry site after quartz extraction. By stabilizing the slopes of waste rock piles and reclaiming the flat surface with soil and vegetation, the site is preserved to its natural surroundings.

Select Hardware

Kitchener, ON – Select Hardware has been a decorative hardware supplier to the kitchen, bath and furniture industry since 1976. They operate as an importer and distributor, as well as a manufacturer's agent for several highly respected manufacturers of decorative hardware in Canada and Europe.

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